Welcome to Hurst Fabrications!

Our main purpose is specializing in creating custom metal art work using a CNC Plasma machine. Here you will find pictures of metal art work we have created, as well as customized cutouts of clients specific wants and needs. Whether you are looking for home decor or personalized monograms and signs, we can design and cut out the pieces for you!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page Hurst Fabrications, Instagram @hurstfabrications and use our hashtag #hurstfabrications to keep up with all of our latest work!

Meet Us!


Our names are Landon and Angela Hurst. We are currently in the beginning stages of creating our new little business. What started off with little projects, have turned into creating beautiful pieces for our neighbors and friends. In doing so, we have decided to create this website to expand our work out to others and continue to create beautiful pieces!

Thank you for visiting! We are excited to take this next step in developing our future!

Landon and Angela Hurst

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