“Parked It”

IMG_2149I have typed, erased, and retyped trying to find the words to say and am honestly currently still struggling, so bear with me. It has been almost 2 months now that we lost a legend in our racing sport and a prime member of our racing family. After learning the news of Bryan Clauson, the world stopped for a moment. Words and conversations, daily activities, it all seemed meaningless. That was when we decided we needed to make something meaningful for the Clauson family.  Although our hearts were with them from that day forward we wanted to show them just how much of an impact their son, brother, fiance, (dog)dad and friend meant to all of us. It didn’t take me long to design something that represented Bryan, I mean after all when you think of him you think of the most winningest, versatile driver, the cage stands, and of course the term”Parked It”. I know that when the family and close friends of Bryan think of him, they think of much, much more, and from having known Bryan from such a young age I could add to that list. But to sum it all up, I felt this piece represented him from all of our racing family members, and that is what I wanted them to feel.

When we found out about the Bryan Clauson Auction taking place at the Knoxville Nationals, we knew we needed to contribute in some way. While already working on the “Parked It” piece, we knew that was something special we wanted to keep for the family. So after discussing some ideas with Shane Golobic, we decided on the BC Logo. Most of you have seen this logo, and this is something we will cherish forever. We knew we couldn’t give the Clauson family what they deserved, so to be able to have this piece be auctioned off and to give back to the family, is everything we could have ever wanted. We are so thankful and so grateful for the opportunities we were given, but most importantly for having the opportunity to have known Bryan and to know his family. 

I decided I wanted to use our website to display the most memorable pieces (to us at least) we have made to this date. Not to gloat or advertise, but to share our feelings and to give a huge Thank You to everyone for allowing us to be involved and to be apart of someone amazing. 

To the Clauson family:

We think of you all everyday. We send our love and support to all of you in hopes it gives you strength on the days you need it the most. Thank you for sharing Bryan with us, on and off the track. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of his honor and your family in the most unimaginable  yet most special way. We love you all! 

Love,  Angela & Landon  and the entire Liggett/ Hurst families

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