BBQ Smoker Barrels by JB

We are so excited to announce our new working relationship with BBQ Smoker Barrels by JB! There is no better way than to BBQ with these awesome smoker barrels that are personalized to your liking. While these are the perfect grilling machines, they also make for perfect gifts, raffles and auctions, or just a really cool statement piece for your outdoor BBQ parties. Here is some of the recent CNC metal work we have done with JB! If interested in placing an order; contact them through their facebook: BBQ/Smoker Barrels by JB where their phone number is also listed if you have any questions! 

It’s football season, so spice up those Sundays! 

Group Smoker Barrel

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    1. This is their price list off the facebook page! I don’t know specifics but hope this helps!

      Basic Barrel – $150
      Includes: Barrel with handles, Lid w/ handles & hanging hook, Briquette Disc, Lifting Rod for briquette disc, 3 hanging rods & 9 meat hooks
      Basic with Wheels – $175
      Deluxe Barrel – $225
      Includes Basic plus, Grill, Temperature Gauge, Wheels (casters) & Bottle Opener.
      2-Grill System – $260
      Includes Deluxe plus a second grill.
      We can also do Themes or Team Themes to any barrel for an additional $25
      Team-Themed Basic – $175
      Team-Themed Basic with wheels – $200
      Team-Themed Deluxe – $250
      Team-Themed 2-Grill System – $285
      Optional/Upon Request…Team-Themed Bottle openers (if available) are an additional $25
      Accent Color change (other than standard yellow) $10
      Poultry Hook $25
      Extra Disc $30
      Extra Meat Hooks $1.50 ea


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